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Revolutionary step … ROBOT Bricklayer?

SAM 100 – ROBOT bricklayer? Can we consider this technology to be the revolutionary step in the construction industry? The robot´s mission is to help people with debilitating tasks!

People can think: ” Robot is going to take a bricklayer job! “.  Absolutely not!  SAM 100 always needs to be installed on field, calibrated, a programmed! The collusion, that robot might be possible to execute those operations by itself is absolutely out of the question! Technicians will always play the key role in this industry. Supervision is one of the jobs that we need to think about in case of using the robot.

SAM100 robot was designed by “Medical Robotics, LLC (CR)” founded in 2007. Company estabilished with the mission to develop robotic applications for the construction industry.

In the following video, you can see a preview of the functionality of the robotic bricklayer!



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