Sunday , March 26 2023

AI Engineers Crowd

Our company was founded to provide client-oriented solutions in industrial automation. The main objective is to offer quality services and solutions and in close contact with customers to achieve the maximum effect of the project. We are proud of our work.

The most important value is human. Human and open access along with experience in the implementation of the project, it is the simplest form to achieve a successful project

Special purpose devices

  • Assembly workplace
  • Mechanical inspection devices
  • Assembly jigs and positioning devices

Robotic cells

  • Fully automated handling and measuring cells

Industrial vision system

  • 2D and 3D measuring and inspection station in combination with a suitable positioning systems that provide unmanned inspection of production
3d profile

Design and programming of industrial control systems

  • HMI/Operator panels
  • Various types of industrial networks
  • Safety sytems

Technical support projects

  • You have many technical projects and you do not keep to solve a lot of problems associated with your suppliers, or employees? Please contact us. We offer you the option of external management and surety of the project technical implementation. Our team of specialists is ready to coordinate the implementation of the project, meeting deadlines and compliance with the planned costs.