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Yaskawa BUSHIDO Project – Performance with Sword.

Yaskawa celebrated its centenary in 2015. On this occasion Yaskawa presented Bushido project on which the company demonstrated their robot´s speed, accuracy and agility. These facilities are presented during the performence of the robot MOTOMAN-MH24 with the world record holder in working with sword “ISAO MACHII”. The record was carried for cutting …

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Logistic in Amazon? 30,000 robots !!!

Company called “Kiva Systems” was bought by Amazon for 775 million $. Today, those Robots help to ensure logistic in every Amazon´s warehouses. It’s about more than 30,000 robots in 13 centers around the world. Take a look on the following video in which you will be able to see the Kiva (Amazon) …

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Robotic Butterfly …

eMotionButterflies is robotic butterfly created by German company called Festo. Such robot is refered to as drone hence this Butterfly is essentially drone. However, unlike the device with four propellers, eMotionButterflies is inspired by the nature. The ablility to fly is realized by the moving of the wings similar to the …

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portable swing

BRIGHT STARTS: The Comfort and Harmony(TM) Portable Swing, MODEL: probably it is: 7030 Whisper Quiet The problem is : broken plastic gear wheel on the shaft axes. ň Product Overview from the seller (e-shop) The Comfort and Harmony(TM) Portable Swing surrounds your little one in snuggly comfort. The soft, removable duckling …

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Production of Mercedes Benz C-Class (2015)

Mercedes Benz C-Class. Not every one of us has the opportunity to look into the production plant of Mercedes. Daily Automation provide you inspirations from various automobile shop floors. This time the inspiration comes from Mercedes. Get yourself the inspiration from the following video for designing of your own machine  … Source: …

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